Board of  Directors Application


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Please read the "Board Commitment Pledge" by clicking on this link.  After reading the pledge, are you still dedicated to working on the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors?  If so, then complete the following application.

1.  What is your present occupation?  What experience and skills do you possess which would make you an asset to the board?

2.  Can you dedicate between 6-10 hours per month to the Board and Committee responsibilities?

3.  How will you represent Habitat for Humanity and its mission to the community?

4.  To what degree would you feel personally responsible for Habitat for Humanity's finances?

5.  Why is Habitat for Humanity important in our community?

6.  List your Board/Committee experience:  what Board/Committees do you, or have you served on?

7.  If you disagree with the general consensus of the Boards, how will you handle this conflict?

8.  What  will be your greatest asset/contribution to the Board?


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