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Click here for a Brush With Kindness Application


Brush With Kindness is a program that our local Habitat has done this past year completing five different projects. These projects are especially for Senior Citizens who may be physically unable to do around their home such as trimming bushes, trees, raking leaves, washing windows, weeding flower beds, etc.  The Homeowner pays for the supplies and we have volunteers who will do the physical labor. 

The application is on our website www.hfhmerced.org or you can call us and we’ll mail you one. 209-726-0850.










Brush with Kindness applications are available online and we will be doing more projects as we have volunteers available.  Homeowners, who aren’t physically able to do small projects, should call us at 726-0850.  Our volunteers have completed two more projects this quarter.  Don’t hesitate to call – this is a great opportunity!!




We are negotiating a lease on a building site in Atwater for a ReStore.  This is very exciting as this has been a priority for many years.   There’s many opportunities in researching, marketing, publicity, shelving, connecting with possible donors.  If you are interested in volunteering to help set up and unload items, please call us at 726-0850.  Our ReStore will be run by volunteers and board members. 

If you have some expertise to share and would like an application so an interview can be arranged to be considered to be a board member, please check our website hfhmerced.org or call 726-0850 and have one mailed to you.    We are looking for someone interested in fundraising, computer skills, real estate, and legal expertise.  Each member of our board is responsible for a task, so it is a working board and together we work as a team to accomplish the goals we have agreed upon.


If you would like to visit one of our board meetings to see if this is what God has planned for you to do, please call me to add you to our agenda.

Jan Sorge, President & Church Relations Chair, 209-769-1884 or merced-hostel@juno.com

Downloadable March 2017 letter to local churches  Microsoft Word Version   Adobe PDF Version

Email:  merced-hostel@juno.com